Working from a Desk or sitting for long periods

By Liz

Working from a Desk or Sitting for long periods of time?


Business is most often conducted from the seat of a chair or sitting behind the wheel. Whether you are in front of a computer, a desk, a phone, in the a vehicle, or on an airplane, the fact is that a lot of people’s jobs require them to sit in one position for extended periods of time.


Is My Job Affecting My Posture?

Sitting in one position can cause many problems when it comes to your body. Muscles and joints require movement to function so when you’re sitting for up to nine hours a day, stress can accumulate, muscle can shorten which compacts your body causing aches and pains. For most people who conduct the majority of their business from a seated position, by the end of the day headaches or stress tension in the shoulders is a familiar sense as are migraines, neck aches, and stiffness in the wrists and hips.

Other health related issues that stem from “sitting job posture” are:

  • Build-up of excess body fat storage and obesity
  • Higher than average blood pressure
  • Increased risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Neck and spine alignment issues
  • Elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Fortunately, massage is a great way to address this host of issues by reinforcing the natural movements of your body that have been missing over the course of the day.
Massage also promotes circulation of both blood and lymph system in your body to help boost your immune system and digestive functioning, which can help you feel more energized and focused.


How Can I  Improve My Body Posture?

Another way to combat prolonged sitting fatigue is by getting up and making a point of moving every day and even every hour when at your desk. By introducing more exercise into your work routine, like a walk around the block, a post-work gym visit, or even a lunchtime yoga class, you can help your body retain better posture and help yourself feel better while taking on that mountain of work. Other suggestions include parking further away in the parking garage, not taking the elevator and using the stairs, or even doing a few push ups every time you get off the phone. And of course there are regular massage treatments that can be a great way to treat the unique aches and pains you face in life and help you take on healthier, more balanced work/life habits.

Consult your health care professional for more expert tips and you will be on your way to keeping the most notorious sitting-job dangers at bay.

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